Blackfeet Arts and Culture

The Blackfeet Art Market


Authentic, handmade art and goods made by Blackfeet Natives.

Open from June 23 - 25, 2019


Showcasing the local artists of the Blackfeet Nation. This event is open to all visitors. This is the first Blackfeet Art Market being held at the North American Indian Days Dance Arbor. 

Visitor Admission $10.00

One of a kind Art

Hand-beaded tear drop earrings  designed by Angel's Blackfeet Creations

Buy a souvenir you won't find anywhere else! Support our local Blackfeet Artists from the Blackfeet Reservation. 

Visitors are Welcome!

Where to go

North American Indian Days Dance Arbor; located North of the Museum of the Plains Indians.

A showcase of our Blackfeet Artists

Meet, greet and support  our talented artists and craftsmen. 

No other market like this!

We Welcome all visitors!